Mini Wedding Dress

  • Description:

    Fabric Free Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Wedding Dress with Interchangeable Train.

  • Designed by:

    Gail Be, American, United States, 2005-2006

  • Materials Used:

    This ensemble is made exclusively from over 10,000 Swarovski crystal and glass pearl beads. Its' delicate sections are held together by satin ribbons. It weighs 18 pounds and took over 4 people over 1,500 hours to complete. The materials I used to create the accessories came from all over the world so I named them "International Pearl."

  • Fashion Facts:

    I actually created the headpiece and necklace when I first started making fully-beaded fashions in 2003. At the time I had been the exclusive jewelry designer for the larger trade shows in the Twin Cities. So I specialized in accessories for "regular" wedding dresses that had fabric.

    I loved these accessories more than any I had ever made, so I knew making a dress to go with them was in my future.  I love the long train and how it looks on the runway. I also love the sexy short skirt I made so the bride can easily dance after the formal ceremony.

  • Designer Insider:

    This design took a lot of skill to construct, but it was a pure joy from beginning to end. Mostly, because I was making this on Heidi, my lead model—who is such a pleasure to work with because she loves long fittings, never complains and loves bows. It took dozens and dozens of hours for her to stand while I contoured it to her body and then many hours to learn how to walk and turn with such a heavy train.

  • History:

    Heidi wore the original accessories so I was delighted she could be the Muse for this dress two years later. When I saw the first photos of her in this dress I thought "This is, hands down, the sexiest wedding dress I've ever seen in my life." This ensemble meets all my fashion design criteria--it's feminine, powerful and of course sexy—even with bows. This dress also sets the mood—"Let the honeymoon begin."

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