Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

  • Description:

    Venetian and Vintage Crystal Necklace

  • Designed by:

    Gail Be, American, United States, 2003

  • Materials used:

    Venetian 24kt Gray Beads, Vintage Starlight AB Swarovski Crystal, Metal Findings, Accuflex

  • History:

    Gail traveled to Italy and handpicked each of the 24kt beads from a fourth generation Venetian owned factory. Each bead is still being individually handmade by craftswomen using the same recipe for over 800 years.

    The vintage Swarovski crystal beads are in pristine condition and were manufactured in Austria between 1920 - 1938 and 1945 - 1954. To prove their authenticity, Be has the honor of taking them directly from their original packages.

  • Designer insider:

    The Swarovski beads in this necklace are called Starlight AB, today the same color being manufactured is called Black Diamond. This is the only bead I own that Swarovski has changed its name. I took them form their original manufactured package, where they had been skillfully hand wrapped in layer of felting (wool that has been combed several times) the softest material I have ever felt. I can't explain the feeling of utter AWE that I experienced as I opened this package and layer by layer gently unfolded these strands of beads. Words can not convey the honor and humbleness I felt knowing that I was the first person to set eyes on these beads after they had been so preciously packed away for at least 60 years. Their impressions were deeply grooved into the felting and they sparkled like diamonds in perfect condition. By blending them with equally beautiful master crafted Venetian beads, this necklace is not only incredible to wear but a blessed "experience" for all that get to see these treasures of history.

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