Nature's Splendor

Nature's Splendor

  • Description:

    Paua Shell, Venetian, Vintage and Modern Swarovski Crystal Necklace

  • Designed by:

    Gail Be, American, United States, 2003

  • Materials used:

    Venetian 24kt Capri Blue and Blue-green beads, Vintage Blue Zircon AB, Montana AB and Modern Jet 2X, Swarovski Crystal, Paua Shell Beads , Metal Findings, Accuflex

  • History:

    Be spent over 12 years to assemble the different beads to create this masterpiece. The Paua shells are exclusive to New Zealand. The vintage Swarovski beads Be acquired from several different private and corporate collections throughout Europe and the United States.

    The vintage Swarovski crystal beads are in pristine condition and were manufactured in Austria between 1920 - 1938 and 1945 - 1954. To prove their authenticity, Be has the honor of taking them directly from their original packages.

  • Designer insider:

    I was thinking about diving in the Caribbean Sea when I made this necklace. Paua shells' natural blue green color is so beautifully perfect that when you first see it you might ask "How can some not believe there is a God?" I used to use a Paua shell as a prop in my Women's Empowerment classes. Half of the shell was left in the natural state--bumpy, ugly, dull gray and the other half had the outer surface scraped away-- exposing the stunning neon blue green colored shell. The message being "don't judge a book by it's cover." I created this necklace for a woman who loves being in or around water. She has an appreciation and reverence for the power and significance of Mother Earth's Energy. She is definitely someone who not only appears beautiful on the outside, but her real treasure is on the inside. Even as an extravert her soul truly epitomizes "silent waters run deep.

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