About Gail Be

With her life-size fashions, Gail Be is forging her way into an entirely new art genre. The uniqueness of Be's couture fashions is that they are made completely of beads, sequins, ribbons and feathers. Little or no fabric is ever used, she beads onto beads, not onto fabric.

Be does not draw or pre-sketch, solder or use mathematical calculations in any of her designs. She admits that she does not even know how to turn on a sewing machine and has received no formal training in dress design.

Be got her start when a friend gifted her with four beading classes. Her passion was so great that she beaded daily for hours. Through this self-teaching, in a year she won a state beading contest and was designing her own jewelry line.

But in 1989, Be was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, which eventually left her legally blind and unable to bead even the most simple patterns. Heartbroken, Be turned her focus to intense bead collecting.

In 1996, Be received her first corneal transplant and then a year later she received her second. During this time she went through 35 corrective lenses and 15 pairs of glasses. Frustrated, but determined to regain her sight, Be underwent LASIK surgery through a Canadian doctor. Miraculously, her eyesight was restored to 20/20.

Be believes that during this challenging time she was "spiritually blessed" because when she began beading again, the complexity of her accessory designs became much more intricate and complicated. In 2003, Be created her first life-size design, which took her to new heights in the worlds of fashion and art design.

Although her eye disease is permanent, so is Be's enthusiasm, gratitude and determination. She reminds us all, "Please be an organ donor because you never know what Picasso you might help right around the corner."

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